Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm a young at heart, English lady!

I'm a young at heart, English lady! I exercise regularly and am committed to keeping in shape and staying as young as possible for as long as possible. I look quite a few years younger than my age, and have found that men younger than myself seem to enjoy my company and find me attractive.

Now that my two sons are out on their own, I have a lot more time for myself to do whatever I like. I love my garden, both working in it and in sitting back and enjoying it. My other interests include decorating, playing piano and singing in the church the choir.

My latest thing.....I've taken up golf. I did improve quite a last this year and hope to continue the trend this year. Of course there's lot of room for improvement, but practice makes perfect!

I enjoy the beatuful things nature has to offer - a scenic view, birds singing, butterflies and flowers.

I am very committed to family and friends. In the past 18 months have had two vacations with a group of girls from work, and really enjoyed it, although there was a wide span in our age.

Honesty and sincerety are very important to me in any relationship. Have we got anything in common??